The Silver Wind is the most elite military force in the Kingdom of Aria. They are the paragon of Knightly Orders. Represented as brave, gallant, powerful, and yet gentle, honorable, and humble; they fight on the front lines of battle at home and abroad. They alone hold the special gift of bonding that links them with the monsters that roam the world. They alone can form links that stand the test of time.

But how much of that is really true?

The Silver Wind was once the realm of story Knights and fairy-tale maidens, now they are a legion of power-hungry tyrants, unbalanced warriors, and at worst, manipulative villains. Where once there was a desire for honor and glory, now they only desire power and wealth. But this is evidenced in all facets of the Kingdom of Aria. The Age of Song is dying. The final chords being struck on a song that turned to a lament mid-way through.

It is into this world that a young group of knights entered the Arpeggio Academy in the Capitol City of Aria. There they became members of the Silver Wind, there they learned of battle and bonded with their first pokemon. It was there that they saw the truth of the Kingdom they had come to serve.

Silver Wind Song