Rictor Avramore

Silver Wind Captain and Swordsman


Tall, dashing, with a natural talent for leadership, Rictor is the prime example of what a Silver Wind Knight should be.
Except that recently he swore with the rest of Squad Seven to take down the man currently pulling the strings on the throne.
He is a talented swordsman and warrior, but is rather dispassionate on the battlefield.
That is, until a pokemon in injured, then he can be downright brutal.
While maintaining a presence at the Arpeggio Academy in the Capitol, it seems that he has managed to avoid being sent off to war. Instead he works the young recruits even harder, training them to become efficient and dangerous in their work as the Military’s Special Forces.
He is the first son and eldest of Sir Edrick Avramore’s children and Arya’s elder brother.

Current Location:
The Capitol

Current Allegiance:
Kingdom of Aria (feigned)
Squad Seven Rebellion

Known Pokemon:

Rictor Avramore

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