Meira Taggart

Young Silver Wind Cadet and Strategist


Meira is a cute, bubbly, and easily excitable member of the Silver Wind.
She was born with a natural gift for strategy and tactics and was thus admitted into the Arpeggio Academy at an incredibly young age.
She has shown an intense affection for Franz and though the object of Bean’s affections, has time and again turned him down.
Her strategies and tactics have been used to commit terrible atrocities, though she seems to be unaware of this and treats them all as merely a lesson learned or a game at which to excel.
She tends to daydream in class. This is not out of a lack of respect, but rather because she has already figured out a better answer than the instructor.

Current Location:
The Capitol

Current Allegiance:
Kingdom of Aria

Known Pokemon:
Vulpix (Without Fire)

Meira Taggart

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