Claire Drekon

Lieutenant of the Forgotten Batallion


Clare is an expert archer and tactician, known amongst the Rebels as the “Black Lightning”
She was, at one point, a member of the Arian Military, and still has her uniform tucked away in her quarters. She hopes that one day she may wear it with honor again.
A riotous and independent Shinx seems to have taken her as his master, though whether or not Clare was involved in the decision is still to be seen.
At one point she was captured by the Silver Wind. Soon however, this was revealed to be a ploy to grant them access to the Rebels and their enigmatic leader.
She holds no grudges, save for a small mote of anger at the near death of her second-in-command, Kell at the hands of Squad Seven.

Current Location:

Current Allegiance:
Odessa’s Rebels

Known Pokemon:

Claire Drekon

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