Ayra Avramore

Young Silver Wind Cadet and Archer


Arya Avramore is the youngest child and only daughter of Sir Edrick Avramore.
She is a talented archer and swordswoman, gifted with a natural skill on and off the battlefield.
She was inducted into Squad Seven with the rest of the team after her brother saw them work together.
Stunning good looks coupled with an in depth knowledge of the politics, policies, and peculiarities of every court in the Kingdom make her indispensable as a resource.
She seems to be of a kind with Francheska as she too may speak with pokemon.
More than all of this, she has been the subject of many dreams and prophecies.
In all of their visions, Arya has been seen on the Throne, the true princess and queen of the realm.
If that is true, then who rules now in her stead?

Current Location:
Lake Castle

Current Allegiance:
Squad Seven Rebellion

Known Pokemon:

Ayra Avramore

Silver Wind Song WintersPrince